Jackal Scraps

This week it seemed like the Jackal had taken Bast Day for Himself – Tuesday was a warmish, gray day, full of potential with the snow peeling back to reveal the wet ground. Curious! It felt like the kind of day when the Unseen world presses up against our world, almost teasing us, yowling and cheering that we will wake to life again, things will be green again – celebrate, because the world is turning onward. And in the middle of all that stands the Lord of the Roads, Keeper of the Boundaries, opening the way for green and life and spring! The sun did come out, bright blue skies overhead, and on the drive home from work I saw birds bathing in puddles on the streets. It was a premature celebration, since the next day it was absolutely FREEZING, but any taste or glimpse of spring is a blessing in my eyes.

In honor of the Great Jackal’s appearance, have some jackal-y scraps! Here’s some snippets of things for Him.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this: the Egyptian jackal, Canis aureus lupaster is actually a species of wolf – and a very ancient one at that. It turns out that when the Greeks called Wepwawet a wolf god, they were actually right. Who knew?

And here’s a song that makes me think of Him:

Patterns – Band of Skulls


2 thoughts on “Jackal Scraps

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! 🙂 I seriously wish Spring would hurry up and stay. All these solitary warm days are driving me nuts! Spring, you fickle minx. 😛

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