Bawdy god humor.

Two moments of humor in serving a bawdy god.

Number One: Some time ago, I took a gamble and used Morning Star’s Lotus incense in shrine, for Wepwawet. I was a little worried, because the incense and box are pink, and it smells very girly – but something told me He would like it. So I lit it, and as I was tending the shrine, His voice wandered through my head, with a sly grin: “I like it. It smells like a woman.”

Number Two: A few days back, I was experimenting with offerings. I made a pot of tea to offer, but felt it wasn’t quite enough, and wanted to add something to it. It was early in the morning, and most of my offerings tend to be chocolates and cookies, which don’t really suit the morning. So I grabbed a banana. I cut it in half, put it on a pretty plate, and offered it. Predictably… there was laughter in the shrine. A subtly raised eyebrow. “You’re giving me… that?” He seemed more amused by the novelty than anything.

I try so hard to be serious in shrine. He makes it so hard sometimes!

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