A bubble of joy!

I made it into shrine much later than usual, tonight. My parents decided to take an unexpected trip out, and truth be told I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get to shrine at all, needing to puppy-sit and baby-sit and being unable to lock myself away for the necessary amount of time. While their trip was cut short, they still came back late enough that I was feeling totally drowsy, and worried that I wouldn’t be in any state to actually do anything once I got into shrine.

I washed up anyway, and headed upstairs with some very basic, very simple offerings.

Once I got ritual underway, I stood in front of Wepwawet and He was laughing. Bubbling, glittery Jackal laughter, spilling out from my shrine– because I was THERE, because I was in His presence, because I fought the tired and the ick and I won. I sang for Him, a simple joyful song that I wrote for offerings and for general festivities, and He radiated simple happiness and pride, as if to say, “Well done, Daughter – you have won another day.” And it is a victory in its own way, over the wearing-down of daily life, to gather myself towards a spiritual higher ground.

So. A simple triumph for the Gods – persistence over tiredness, and unexpected disruption, and everyday miscellany. Nekhtet!

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