Episode 15: My Gods – Other: Khonsu

Khonsu and I have developed a strange relationship over the last 4 years. When I first came to the House of Netjer, I struck up a friendship with His (then only) daughter. He felt right to honor. I turned to Him and He felt like TV snow in my head, bright and sparkling and filling me with a comfortable, noisy hissing. I could see myself being His child, or His beloved, at the very least, but I was not. I wasn’t disappointed, and I offered to Him from time to time – sweets and soy milk and other things He seemed to want.

Then, two years ago He requested to be added to my shrine – no particular indication why, just that He wanted to be active in my life. In His way He has been active in my life. He is a fierce falcon-headed deity but also a child god, the son of Mut and Amun. He has led my curiosity for all things Theban; as a child of Mut, and an acquaintance of Khonsu, I find myself reflecting on Them as a family, and what it means for Them to be a family.

In my life, Khonsu is a god of purification, exorcism, protection, and fierce cleansing; He is also a god of the moon. In spite of his stringent role, Khonsu doesn’t seem to -want- much from me. He quietly reminds me of His presence now and then, and sometimes I remember on my own and He smiles at me. He is a comfortable, well-beloved presence in my life for which I will always be grateful.

2 thoughts on “Episode 15: My Gods – Other: Khonsu

  1. I’ve been rather irresistably drawn to Khonsu. I was trolling ye olde interwebs for the prayers people have written to Him, old and new, and experiences people have had. I was happy to see your blog come up in the search results, Sobeq.

    I’m entering what will most definitely be a “dark” — in the sense of “uncertain” and “most definitely difficult” — phase of my life. Khonsu, at least that I know of, hasn’t called to me directly (I have a wonky “God phone” and usually only get things through dreams), but I feel more pulled toward His lunar beacon that I had been before. And it’s a very good feeling. :3

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