Hymn to Wepwawet as Lord of Myrrh

O Lord of Myrrh,
Lord of Sweetest Joy,
Keeper of the Western Gate;
Bring our hearts to love,
bring our hands to serve,
break away our fear and our shame.
As You speak our names and we hear Your call
we will rise to follow Your way.

As I walk with You,
I can feel the Earth
and the Sun and Sky overhead
My vision clears,
my stride is strong
and I walk without any fear.
I know my life is forever changed
since I took Your hand in mine.

I will do Your work,
I will be Your voice,
I will praise Your name as I live.
May You bless my words,
may You bless my feet
and the road my steps fall upon.
Your hand on Your spear, and my hand in Yours
all evil passes away.

Hail to You! O Mighty One,
eldest among all the Gods!
Shelter me, inspire me,
lead me to where I belong.
I will walk any path,
I will fear no attack
with Your arrows and shield at my side.
May I walk with You my whole life long,
my Guardian and Guide.

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