Hymn to Sekhmet-Mut as Queen of the Gods

Hymn to Sekhmet-Mut as Queen of the Gods

Hail to you, Oh Lioness Queen,
Mighty One of Waset
who calls the wicked to Her court
to judge their crimes and deeds.

You bring Ma’at to all the world
with calm and steady hand,
You keep us in Your righteousness,
You defend the just and powerless.

Oh Powerful, oh Terrible One
Whose face brings men to tears,
We rejoice in You, we sing to You!
May you bring us peace, oh Mighty One!

The wind in the fields belongs to you,
the blood in the sky belongs to you,
the joy of the heart belongs to you,
all people of our land belong to you.

Oh Benevolent Queen, Oh Ruler of the Flame,
may You grant the honest man Your blessings,
may Your watch protect the innocent,
and may You keep us whole for eternity,
and for eternity may we praise You.

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