Episode 2: Cosmology.

So according to Wikipedia, cosmology is where the Universe is now, whereas cosmogeny is where the world came from. I am going to delve a little bit into cosmogeny as well as cosmology.

I think the Universe was made when a lot of stuff exploded and turned into a lot of other stuff, or whatever the creation of the Universe really was. Really, that’s what it comes down to. The stories that detail the Creation of the Universe in Kemetic literature are ways to understand the way that the Universe works, and the way that the parts of the Universe work together.

There’s a layer of the Universe on which each of these stories is totally true, I think, but it’s not the one that we usually interact with. At one time, I sat down and determined which of the Creation myths made the most sense given what I had learned in my Biology class. I think I had settled on the myth of Hermopolis, which involves the Nun, the primordial waters, and the 8 primordial gods dwelling within (representing darkness, hiddenness, boundlessness and the primordial water itself), colliding and converging to make the Seen world. But, I believe each myth has importance, because it says something about the Gods and Who They are, about the world and what it is.

As for the way the Universe is now – there are gods. The gods are mighty and powerful, but not omnipotent, not omnipresent, not omniscient. They can’t stop everything, They don’t know everything inherently. This is why communication with Them is powerful. I do believe that human interaction is important to the gods, important to what They do, but not totally vital; for example, the work that I do as a priest is important, and even integral to the way my Gods exist, but if I had never come to do it, They would continue to exist. It would get done, somewhere else, anonymously.

In my opinion, we as humans need to talk to the gods, so that the gods can in turn bless us with what we need, and know that we are listening and waiting. Sometimes They will bless us before we ask. Sometimes They will not know we need Them until we ask. Sometimes, we can do things for Them that They need, just by being present in the physical world in the way that a god cannot.

There is evil in the Universe, because of what the Universe is: an imperfect thing, made by an imperfect process, beloved by imperfect gods that are as much a part of the Universe as They are Lords and Rulers of it. There are also spirits out in the world, beings that are not quite as respectful of the law of “action =  consequence” as the gods might be. Spirits which will harm, which can be helpful, which can do things which the gods may want, need, or be ‘small’ enough to do (think of tiger trying to fit into a mouse-hole).

And then, totally oblivious to the worlds upon worlds that we are not always able to perceive (and their natures not always known!), lives the human race. That’s how I see it.

3 thoughts on “Episode 2: Cosmology.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Though, the blog isn’t strictly cosmological. I had to touch on cosmology (and cosmogeny) from a religious perspective as part of this project I’m doing. Either way, thanks for the support!

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