It’s Not Who You Are…

…it’s what you do.

The idea struck me the other day, as I was driving, when most of my ideas come. I realized that the most important thing about everything I do is not that *I* do it , not that it’s *my* work – but that it gets done. If I weren’t here to do what I do, perhaps it would never get done, and that’s why. In the long run, though, it’s not my presence that makes the difference, but the act of pursuing the impact my presence can have on this world, be it folding pamphlets or offering Ma’at or impacting the lives of many.

I think that’s astounding. That we aren’t necessarily the important part of the equation, but the unique effect we have on the world is. We have no real lasting impact if we just stand silently in a corner our whole lives – it’s only when we act in one direction or another that our lives will carry through generations, even subtly, after we’re long dead.

What does that have to do with faith?

There will be no one else in the world who can offer to the Gods what any individual can offer – priests and laymen alike. Thus, anything we do for God, no matter how small, is precious.

Hey, there’s that word again – go figure.

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