A Spiritual Shift.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a bit of a spiritual Daddy’s girl since before I even confirmed Wepwawet as my spiritual Daddy. I’m all about the Jackal this and the Jackal that and pass the whiskey and the women, the Jackal is comin’ through. Very recently, though, I have been called by my Mother.

There is something quiet in sitting with Her. When I am “with” my Father, there’s an almost intoxicating feeling. I get high off His presence, relishing life and sinking my teeth into ecstasy and fearless, limitless joy in any way I can. I run, I jump, I drink, I dance, I howl at the moon. It’s so invigorating – so addictive! – that I keep on keeping on with Dad, the lecherous lush of the Unseen World.

Mother called me softly when I was driving the other day. I’m used to feeling a very curious glee creeping up along the back of my neck as I’m driving, something that makes me turn up the music loud and sing along at the top of my lungs – not so this time. This time a gentle, settled feeling draped over my shoulders, curled in my stomach and chest, and spoke wordlessly about my Mother, who She is, what She stands for, what She wants.

I noticed that I felt so much calmer, so much more centered when I turned my focus on Her. And then I realized, with some shame, that compared to what I know of my Father, I know almost NOTHING of my Mother.

So… it’s Her turn. I hope Dad understands, but I’ve spent almost 4 years wearing a Jackal hat (literally, as of late!). It’s time to give the Hidden Queen-Mother a chance to speak.

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