But Where Do I Start?

Okay, I think I get how to tell when I’m writing the wrong stuff in this blog – the posts get stuck half finished and nothing gets written. So let’s take this post another direction. Originally, it was about my thoughts on how best to learn hidden meanings behind one’s Shemsu name and one’s Parent(s), but it just sort of… simmered there. Let’s see if I can take this in another direction.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking to new members of the House of Netjer. I’m presently the New Member Imy-ra – the contact person for all new Remetj to come into Kemetic Orthodoxy – and I love it. I really love it. All the fresh questions, eager new “faces” (well, this is mostly on the Internet) delighted to undergo the Rite of Parent Divination, or fraught with questions about what their role might be as Remetj if they should choose not to undergo the Rite. Some of my favorite questions include those from the new Shemsu. This post is written from a very Kemetic point of view, but I think a lot of what I have to say is pertinent to any faith.

One of the most popular questions from a new Shemsu is “what now?”. They have a new name, which may seem terribly mysterious and meaningful, or may seem completely mundane, bafflingly so. They have a list of gods Who, according to our Divination, have taken a part in creating their life, and a name that, according to our practices, was divined from their Parent(s) themself/selves. So what should they do? Well, in my experience – basically nothing.

What? Don’t do anything? Nope, nothing at all. That’s not to say not to pray, or study, or do Senut. That’s to say that one of the best ways to learn the deepest meaning of your Shemsu name and the smallest secrets of your Parent(s), in my opinion, is to just let them unfold themselves. In the most unexpected moments, I have found the most wonderful little snippets of wisdom – just driving in my car, minding my own business. That’s when the silliest things dawn on me. It isn’t an immediate answer, of course. But the things that I value the most have not been gathered from books or study, but from those sudden revelations. They’re hard won, simply because they come from patience and understanding, and that makes them best. To me anyways.

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