New Year, New Start.

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! DI WEP RONPET NOFRET! NEKHTET! Hooray for the 17th year of the Nisut Hekatawy I – May She and Her People have all life, health and prosperity, today and every day!

Now then, down to business. This year is about Doing and Becoming. We’ve been charged to Think, Speak, and Act with Wisdom. (Lots of significant capital letters there, my friends.) I’ll be making myself a list of goals to work on, and getting myself set up to accomplish them.

I’ve been charged with a lot of work on all accounts it would seem – They’ve got a lot for me to do this year, and all of it is very, very important. You can expect to be seeing a lot of posts from me, as this is part of it. I’ll leave today with some questions, to get the wheels turning, so to speak:

What are your goals? What are you doing to accomplish them? What (or who) is helping you with these goals right now? What do you still need to achieve them?

I sound like a business seminar right now. But that’s what this year is all about – getting down to business. So let’s Do it!

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