The latest with the Opener of Ways and the Powerful Queen.

Well. Since I last posted here, things have been a little hectic. I managed to total my car – but was blessedly unharmed. Strangely, that morning, I made extra effort to be sure that I wore my religious jewelry and say prayers before I left for work. I thank the Gods for keeping me safe that day – it was really a scary experience.

Since then I’ve been up and down with my spiritual practices – stress and related female purity issues have kept me from Senut, but I did something I never thought I would do – rearrange my shrine. I now have a shrine with a section suitable for use outside of a state of purity. My shrine has 4 or so shelves, with the top one being a repository for statuary and knives I have offered that lack space elsewhere. The second from top shrine is now my Senut shrine – with a candle, incense burner, libation bowls and offering bowls, to be touched only in states of purity. The shelf below that is devoted to my Parents, and to offerings to them, of all sorts. It’s made interacting with them a lot easier, that’s for sure. We shall see how it works out.

Back to work, though… always working, always working. I’m praying for September.

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