What to do when there’s no time to do it.

Well, it’s summer. Summer should theoretically mean downtime, but right now it seems to mean “massive physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual drain”. I haven’t had time to even think about Senut, let alone making offerings. I ran out of money this spring, and that sucked. So what do I do? I’m constantly drawn to honoring my gods, but I’m broke and constantly busy with work, or with new responsibilities to a student organization. When I’m not working or thinking about working or otherwise busy with my life, I’m far too tired to even think about Senut or offerings. But I still try to find some way to honor Them.

I’ve been trying to offer my meals to Them, and to whichever deity is on my mind at the time. I try to reflect on Them at appropriate moments, and I pray at least twice daily – usually before bed, and one other time. I don’t do anything fancy – no lighting of candles, no bowing and scraping – just simple greeting, thanksgiving, and supplication (my Catholic school religion classes are showing – there’s prayers of praise, thanksgiving, supplication…).

As silly as it sounds, all that is hard in and of itself. When I’m trying to be a thousand places at once, it’s not easy to remember to stop before a meal, or turn my thoughts to them before passing out exhausted. It just takes momentum. Hopefully soon that momentum picks up enough so that I can work on getting back into doing Senut regularly again. We shall see.

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