On another forum, the Kemetic Orthodox practice of calling one’s gods “Parents” and “Beloveds” was called into question for creating a sense of blind devotion. I can understand the concern, but I also hope that anyone with half a head on his or her shoulders would NOT be blindly devoted by any stretch of the imagination. Devoted, definitely, but not blindly at all. The two words are very nearly mutually exclusive. Devotion means having certainty, and certainty doesn’t come without question. I question my faith constantly, turning it on its head, trying to come up with a reason to give up the ghost and stop believing anymore. I haven’t been able to do it yet – and to me, that’s stronger devotion than “blind devotion”.

Devotion, to me, is more than just following blindly what a deity tells me to do. It’s knowing Them and striving to understand Them enough to do Their work without having to take dictation. It is my goal to someday be my Father’s voice and my Mother’s hands. That doesn’t mean that I want to do whatever They tell me; I want to do work that honors them both without having to “listen” for instructions. That’s devotion.

Devotion is holding on to faith when giving up seems like to most logical decision. I’ve had a rough year, and it’s been hard for me to manage to write about anything at all. This post was started on November 28th, 2008. It’s being completed on July 7th, 2009. It’s been that kind of year, but that devotion – that determination to maintain the vow I made to love and follow my Parents, and to live in joy, is what gave me the guts to keep on trucking when I was exhausted. Hell, it’s that determination that is giving me the guts to get up and finish my laundry, which has been sitting wet in the washer, needing to go into the dryer, for an hour. We’ll see what comes up next in this blog. Look for me in about a week, my friends.

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