But Who Has Time, Really?

Recently, events in my life have led me to wonder just how I manage to make time for my faith on a day-to-day basis. My first instinct was to react sadly and say, “Well, I just don’t.” But upon further thought, I realized that I do use the little empty spaces in my life to make time for reflection and light meditation.

What do I mean by little empty spaces? Those little times when your hands or body is busy, but only a little bit of your mind is going. For example, I’m a college student living on campus, but still about a 15 minute walk from any classroom. In the morning, I generally prefer to walk than to wait for a campus shuttle at the bus-stop. For one, the shuttles can be unreliable, but for the most part, it gives me a chance to breathe and to think. While I’m walking, I take a look around. I catch a glimpse of the sun rising behind the copse of trees along the walk and praise Ra. I feel the breeze against my face and praise Shu. As I walk, I think about my Parents; I greet Them silently and ask Them for help, if I need it. It’s very informal, but it’s time I take to honor my Gods informally, and to reflect on what is happening in the Kemetic Calendar too. I’ll turn just about anything over and over in my mind as I’m walking, twisting it around so that it applies itself to my life. I do the same while I’m driving, only I have a little more time. Sometimes, if I’m alone in the car, I’ll turn the radio off and sing a quick song dedicated to one of the Names, or the Akhu.

I had been discussing my early practices with a friend of mine – in which I would meditate frequently before bed, when I was not too tired but had time to relax, and he shook his head at me, saying he had no time for that. I was shocked until I realized that I no longer have time for those kinds of practices, and that’s what led me to wonder how I still feel so connected, without that constant upkeep. It was good food for thought. Now if only I could make more time for formal ritual…

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