Just Because They Care.

(Apologies for my sporadic presence; it’s been one HELL of a semester, and I’ve been working on dealing with it. I just had to share this experience with anyone out there who ever reads this darn thing, though.)

I know I’ve blogged about being “owned” by my Parents, and make no mistake – They own me, very much so. But They are also my Parents, and thus, our relationship goes much farther than just ownership. I’d still call myself Their servant as well, but sometimes, They like to remind me just how much They care about me – since, after all, underneath all that, I’m still also Their child.

I had been having a particularly rough week, and was feeling rather down as I was in the car on the way home from shopping and dinner. Suddenly, I had the strange sensation that Wepwawet was present then and there – and the feeling fled as quickly as it had come. Strange, I thought, what was THAT all about? No sooner than had I thought that, the radio started playing a song that I have come to understand is connected to Him, at least, for me – AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”. I laughed, and realized that was probably what that was all about. “Why?” I asked, out loud in the car. The only answer I got was an overwhelming wash of love, nearly bringing me to tears, and the thought “because you need it, and We love you”. I nearly grinned myself silly. The person driving the car, my boyfriend, is understanding of these little religious moments, so we sat with the car parked and listened to the end, and as we gathered our stuff while the next song started playing, I got the feeling that I should listen. Well, I listened, but I couldn’t figure what could be so important for the life of me until my boyfriend, somewhat perplexed, asked no one in particular, “Why are they playing the Doors?”

On went the lightbulb. I’ve heard, in the past, people compare Jim Morrison to Wepwawet, and Wepwawet to the Jim Morrison. I laughed tears into my eyes. We stuck around for that song, into the beginning of “Dream On” by Aerosmith (also somewhat significant, but not enough so that I would sit and listen.

It is an incredibly amazing feeling, that a deity is making His/Herself known to you – for the sole reason that They want to make you smile, or say hello, or because They care about you. I just about fell out of the moving car when I realized what was happening. For something so enormous, so massive, so much bigger than you to stop just to say “feel better” is awe inspiring. That’s love that comes from something so much more than a lover or romantic partner. That’s something really, really awe-inspiring. I never thought I’d be one of those loonies who talks about the Love of God like this, but wow. I was just knocked off my feet. Just… wow.

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