(It was all I could do not to title this post “PWND!!”)

If you’ve read the informational pages, or are familiar with Kemetic Orthodoxy to any degree, you know that the words I use, formally, to describe my relationship with the two gods I primarily worship are “Parents”. Wepwawet is my Father, Sekhmet-Mut is my Mother, the two of Them together are my Parents. When I talk to other people about my beliefs, however, I tend to refer to Wepwawet and Sekhmet-Mut as the ones Who own me. I don’t just worship Them, I don’t just honor Them – I’m completely and utterly Theirs. I know there are people who would be uncomfortable with that idea; to turn oneself so totally into the possession of a being that may or may not exist in the first place is a dangerous move – but I’m aware of that. My words are not said lightly.

You see, it’s been over two years this month since I was “told”, by the deities Themselves, that They owned me. Wepwawet called me His child; Sekhmet-Mut reminded me that She takes care of Her own. It was not until about 5 months later that I was divined as Their child. In that year and a half, I have begun to learn to trust Them, utterly and completely. As I stated in my private journal, They fashioned me with all the patience and care of a jeweler crafting a ring. They know me intimately; They’re always with me, even when They’re silent. They want my happiness and my joy as much as I do; They believe in me just as my family does, and support me. Maybe not the same way, but still. I have quiet proof of all of this, and I carry it with me every day. After the year and a half of loving Them and honoring Them and following Them, I admit – They own me, my heart and soul – I’m Their child, as much as I am the child of my mom and stepdad.

Does this mean I would blindly follow what They tell me to do? Well, not necessarily. It does mean that I’m more likely to take a deep breath and dive into something that might ordinarily make me uncomfortable at Their request; it might mean taking risks, “letting go and letting God” and all that. Just because I’m owned by a divine being doesn’t take away my free will. It simply means that I am Their child, Their student, and Their follower. My goal, in my life, is to be my Father’s voice and my Mother’s hands – I guess that makes me Their servant, too. We shall see. It is a comfortable place to be, to belong to a deity. A very comfortable place.

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