Take Two

I’ve done a little bit of chatting with God. This blog was originally intended to be a discussion of concepts and theology involved in Kemetic religion, specifically Kemetic Orthodoxy. The problem with this is that I love my gods and my religion so dearly that all I want to do is blog about my personal relationship with Them. After a bit of conversation with Them, They agree – this blog would be more fully developed if the topics I blogged on involved my personal relationships with Them, rather than just me pontificating on various theological topics. So, following this post, this blog shall bear left at the fork in the road and take on a more personal tone.

One thought on “Take Two

  1. I look forward to hearing more. While I love to discuss the mechanics of Kemetic Recon, I also am more interested in my personal relationship with the Neteru and in particular Auset, Nebthet and Anpu.

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